North Dakota State College of Science Receives Transformational $500,000 Gift from Linda Kosel Patterson to Enhance Agriculture Program

Linda Kosel Patterson

The NDSCS Alumni Foundation is thrilled to announce a significant donation of $500,000 from Linda Kosel Patterson, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to the advancement of agricultural education in the region. This substantial contribution is set to revolutionize the NDSCS agriculture program, establishing a state-of-the-art ag technology experience for current and future students.

Kim Nelson, Executive Director of the NDSCS Alumni Foundation, expressed profound gratitude, stating, “Linda’s gift towards the Kosel Family Agriculture Lab will have a positive, significant impact on farming families across the tri-state area for generations. Her generosity is a testament to her dedication to NDSCS and our students, equipping them with advanced tools, equipment, and technologies essential for innovative and comprehensive agricultural education.”

This donation follows a significant contribution from the Yaggie family in December, which enabled major enhancements to the NDSCS agricultural center, now known as the “Yaggie Family Agriculture Center.” The new “Kosel Family Agriculture Lab” will be a fundamental pillar of the remodeled and updated facility.

Linda Kosel’s history of support for NDSCS is longstanding and substantial. In May 2017, along with Mary Kosel, Linda’s mother, they facilitated the use of nearly 95 acres of farmland for the NDSCS Alumni Foundation. This gift created the Kosel Family Agriculture Land Lab used by all NDSCS Agriculture Programs. The land lab has been pivotal in doubling the NDSCS Ag Program’s student enrollment and has enabled the introduction of new associate degrees in Precision Agronomy and Precision Agriculture Technology.

Craig Zimprich, NDSCS Ag Program Director, reflected on the Kosel family’s enduring support: “The Kosel Family's contributions--including this latest donation and the establishment of our Agriculture Land Lab--are invaluable. They provide our students with the opportunity to translate classroom & lab learning into practical skills, using the latest equipment and tools.”


The Kosel Family Legacy

The Kosel family’s legacy in agriculture and education began with Richard and Mary Kosel, who started their farming journey north of Wahpeton in 1947. Their lifelong commitment to agriculture and education, along with their daughter Linda, has played a pivotal role in shaping the future of agricultural education at NDSCS.

The NDSCS community is profoundly grateful for the Kosel family’s continued support and partnership, which significantly enhances the educational experience and opportunities for our students in agriculture.