North Dakota State College of Science Celebrates $1 Million Donation from Yaggie Family to Renovate Agriculture Center

Yaggie family - Jeri, Donald, Richard, Robert

In a grand gesture that underscores a legacy of commitment and generosity, the Yaggie family has contributed a $1 million donation to the North Dakota State College of Science (NDSCS) Foundation. This significant contribution will fund the renovation of the NDSCS Agriculture Center, which will be renamed the “Yaggie Family Agriculture Center” in honor of the family’s longstanding involvement in agriculture and the community.

Robert (Bob), Donald (Don) and Richard Yaggie, along with Jeri Yaggie (in memory and honor of her late husband, David) have made this generous contribution to NDSCS that will benefit our entire region.

This transformative donation comes as a tribute to the family’s deep roots in agriculture and education, with multiple generations of Yaggies having attended NDSCS. “The Yaggie family's gift is a testament to their belief in the future of agriculture and the importance of education in our community,” said Dr. Rod Flanigan, President of NDSCS.

The renovated Yaggie Family Agriculture Center will not only serve as a tribute to the family’s contributions but will also be a cornerstone for future agricultural education and innovation at NDSCS.

NDSCS Director of Facilities, David Cooper, shares details of the renovations made possible by this gift, “These are exciting times for NDSCS, as the Tech Center remodel is in the Architectural design and engineering phases. This will not only create a visible presence for the NDSCS Precision Agriculture program, it will also help the different programs within Precision Ag to grow, providing the latest in today’s student environment and combining hands-on learning with today’s technology. This remodel includes the renovation of all classrooms, shops, and offices to include the relocation of the John Deere Diesel program to make room for Precision Ag equipment training programs. We are working closely with our technology partners to insure all of the spaces provide the best learning environment possible for our students.”

From Otto Yaggie's homestead beginnings to Leo’s visionary expansion into the Red River Valley and the establishment of the Minn-Dak Beet Growers, the Yaggie family has been pivotal in fostering agricultural innovation. Today, the Yaggie farms continue to thrive with a collaborative spirit across four generations. Donald--along with his sons Kevin, Mike, and Jeff—farm in the Breckenridge area, as well as, Thief River Falls, Minnesota. Also, part of the family legacy are Robert (1960 NDSCS alum) and his son, Bruce, Richard and his son, Allen, David (a 1965 NDSCS Alum) who passed away in 2019 and his son, Mark, who passed in 2017. All farm near Breckenridge.

The Yaggie family's involvement extends beyond their farms. They have been active in various community and agricultural organizations, including: the International Flying Farmers; St. Mary’s School and Church; and CHI Hospital--showcasing their commitment to enriching the community and supporting future generations.

“We are deeply grateful for the Yaggie family’s generosity,” said Kim Nelson, Executive Director of the NDSCS Foundation. “This donation will allow us to advance our agricultural programs and continue to serve as a leader in educating the next generation of agricultural professionals.”

In addition to their support of the Yaggie Family Agriculture Center, the family also supports NDSCS through their involvement on the NDSCS Foundation Board, NDSCS Catbackers, the NDSCS Ag Advisory Committee and promoting NDSCS to the entire surrounding community.

(photo caption: left to right — Jeri, Donald, Richard and Robert Yaggie)