Paige Scholz - Class of '14

Paige Scholz Shares NDSCS Experience

Paige Scholz is a proud 2014 Wildcat Dental Hygiene and Liberal Arts alum.   

Since graduating, Paige has practiced in multiple roles in the dental field including dental hygienist, dental assistant, treatment coordinator, and myofunctional therapist. Her NDSCS dental education has allowed her to excel in every role and challenge that has been presented to her. She is not afraid to learn or try something new; when she started her career her broad understanding of dental procedures gave her the confidence to explore different areas and find the dental practice and focus she loves. 

Scholz credits much of her career success to the instructors of NDSCS that demonstrated passion in their work, along with kindness and patience to ensure learning and excellence with all students.  Paige said this about her dental instructor Rhonda Edwardson, “She helped me gain the confidence and skills to become the accomplished dental hygienist I am today!”

“NDSCS is a family-like community where you are pushed to be the best you can be," says Scholz. Outside of the classroom, she recalls some of her favorite memories and lifelong friendships being made at the Blikre Activity Center (BAC) where she taught swimming lessons and worked as lifeguard.

We asked Scholz what advice she would give to high school seniors who may be unsure of their future, “I would encourage students to job shadow in different professions to find their passion through experience.”

Prior to enrolling, she spent time shadowing several dental professionals and gained great insight and knowledge from that experience.

"I am so thankful I attended NDSCS, not only for the lifelong friendships and great education, but also having a secure financial future and my dream job right after graduation” said Scholz. When not practicing as a Dental Hygienist at Smile Care in Fargo, she stays busy with her family. Scholz is married to Josh, they have a three-year old son, Rhett and two deaf Boston Terriers, Oscar and Gus. Together they enjoy spending time at the lake, traveling, and attending sporting events.

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