From Electrician to Entrepreneur

Spotlight on Lucas Mayes

Not all career paths are straight, in fact most are filled with twists, turns, valleys, and peaks. Lucas Mayes, Electrical Technology class of 2003, is an example of how life can take you in different directions and lead to destinations you didn’t realize you were headed for.

Lucas, a Billings, Montana, native was about to graduate from high school and wasn’t quite sure what his next step in life would be. He had worked for an uncle who was an electrician. With some exposure to the field, he mentioned to one of  his teachers that he was thinking about becoming an electrician. His teacher highly recommended NDSCS and strongly encouraged Lucas to move to Wahpeton. Little did he know, this would become his new home, not just during college life.

Following graduation from NDSCS, Lucas worked for a few local businesses, eventually landing at Big Woods Electric in Wahpeton. Beginning in 2007, Lucas was a technician where they repair electric motors, serving customers worldwide. Lucas eventually transitioned to sales. While in this position, he pursued social retail and began to learn the ins and outs of online sales and marketing. As Big Woods evolved, Lucas’ position was changing. Rather than going back to his technician work, he was approached about a completely different opportunity in October of 2019.

With a creative and entrepreneurial spirit, Lucas and business partner Chuck Stahl, jumped into their current business, Ambitiously Lazy, formerly Dirty H2O. They make custom apparel for any occasion. Baseball jerseys, caps, hoodies, tee shirts, face masks, the list goes on.  When asked what sets them apart, Lucas explained how the designs are dyed into the fabric to prevent peeling, cracking, and fading.  They will also make one item, versus having a minimum number to order. They design the products, and their warehouse in Pakistan, makes them and ships them back to the U.S. It seems there might be a closer option to Wahpeton, however, the former company used them, and Lucas realized the importance of this business to the owner’s family and livelihood.

On top of that, the duo also founded non-profit, HOW – Helping Out Wherever. Through HOW, they have helped families with Thanksgiving meals, collected school supplies, and donated Christmas gifts to families in need.

When Lucas reflects on where he is now, he realizes if he hadn’t made the move from Billings to attend NDSCS, he wouldn’t have made some of the lifelong friends he has, the business connections, or most importantly have his two children, daughter, Rylee and son, James. He feels fortunate to be where he is today- pursuing his dreams, overcoming obstacles, persevering, and continuing to be “Ambitiously Lazy.”  

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