Giving Hearts Day Donations support NDSCS Nursing Department

NDSCS Alumni Foundation and Nursing Department want to say, “THANK YOU”, to all those that participated in the February 9th Giving Hearts Day event.  With the help of the Dakota Medical Foundation and the Impact Foundation, we raised $17,745.00 for new simulation equipment and helping maintain national accreditation for the NDSCS Nursing Department.

Thanks to the NDSCS Nursing students and faculty for their efforts in a pre-Giving Hearts Day phone-a-thon.  It was great to hear our students interact with alumni and friends of the college.  Tim Neumann, Foundation Donor Development Manager, lead the effort with the students along with Sheila Goettle, Whitney Petersen, and Barb Diederick.

A special thank you to Gate City Bank for their $2,500 donation.  The NDSCS Alumni Foundation was the lucky recipients of their Giving Hearts Day Charity promotion.  Mike Turchin and staff from Gate City Bank presented the winning check the NDSCS Nursing students & faculty on February 9th, 2017. Great job everyone!!  We appreciate all your votes & nominations.

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