InForum: Neighbors: Worner family of Wahpeton honored for contributions to NDSCS

By: Bob Lind

North Dakota State College of Science in Wahpeton honored the Clifford and Pauline Worner family last year when it bestowed its “Family Tradition” award on them.

That’s because several members of the family attended the college and continue to support it.

Its alumni review tells their story.

Pauline and Cliff lived in Wahpeton. Pauline was a 1940 graduate of the college’s secretarial program. She became a social service employee in Richland and Traill counties in North Dakota. She continues to live in Wahpeton.

Her husband, Cliff (now deceased), was a painting contractor. He also was the Traill County Social Services director. When he retired, he served on the Wahpeton School Board and in the Silver Haired Legislature.

He and Pauline raised their four children in Wahpeton.

Linda, (deceased), worked for 3M and for area group homes.

Wayne, who went by Dempsey, graduated from NDSCS with a liberal arts degree in 1957. He and his wife, Kathie, live in Blacksburg, Va., from where he is a consultant in several eastern states. He was named NDSCS alumnus of the year in 2010.

Michael, a 1963 NDSCS liberal arts graduate, and his wife, Marilyn, live in Mayville, N.D., where they are volunteer legislative advocates for the AARP. Michael has served on the NDSCS Foundation Board and the Letterwinners Board.

Roger, also a 1963 liberal arts NDSCS graduate, and his wife, Kay, live in the Twin Cities area. Roger is a professor at St. Cloud (Minn.) State, where he trains school administrators.

Michael and Roger played on the 1962 NDSCS champion football team, which has been inducted into the NDSCS Athletic Hall of Fame.

Today, all three brothers and their wives provide financial support to the college’s foundation.

“We commend the Worner family for their dedication and support to NDSCS,” the magazine article concludes.

Way to go, Worners.

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