Daily News: Hundreds attend NDSCS fundraiser

Photo by Brad Waldera
Photo by Brad Waldera

By Matthew Liedke

The court was filled with Wildcats and there was plenty of cheering going on, but there was no basketball game being played at the Blikre Activity Center Friday night.

Instead, alumni, staff and partners of North Dakota State College of Science celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Dreams Auction, the school’s largest fundraiser.

During the evening festivities, attendees were enjoyed a meal prepared by NDSCS culinary arts students, met up with old friends and bid on more than 56 items during a live auction. Following the friendly bidding session, the band Billy D and the Crystals played the rest of the night away, putting a cap on an event that serves the school in many ways.

According to Brad Barth, director of the NDSCS Alumni Foundation, more than $1 million has been raised as from the yearly Dreams Auction events since its inception in 1995. The financial success isn’t the only benefit of the event, however.

Barth explained that the night also served as a chance for relationship-building between supporters of the school, alumni and partners.

Full article from the Wahpeton Daily News

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