NDSCS Dedicates Kosel Family Agricultural Land Lab

North Dakota State College of Science dedicated its new Kosel Family Agriculture Land Lab on June 25, and recognized local businesses who are providing educational opportunities through their involvement with the land lab. The land lab, located along Richland County Road 10, enables NDSCS Agriculture students to receive hands-on experience in the field to prepare them with skills needed for a career in agriculture.

In May of 2017, Linda Patterson and Mary Kosel signed an agreement with the NDSCS Foundation, allowing for the use of nearly 95 acres of farmland to become an outdoor agricultural land lab. The NDSCS Foundation requested proposals from agricultural businesses to collaborate with the NDSCS Agriculture department. Peterson Farms Seed and RDO Equipment Co. are now actively participating in the land lab and creating educational opportunities for NDSCS students in crop management, applied research and demonstrations of different farming practices.

NDSCS Agriculture Chair, Craig Zimprich, believes our students are looking for hands-on experiences and are gaining valuable insight from business and industry representatives.

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