Commemorative Homecoming Shirt

‚ÄčPre-order your 2017 NDSCS Homecoming long-sleeve t-shirts!

Primease Tri-Blend Long Sleeve Tee (Men’s Fit)
This soft, breathable long-sleeve tee is made of 3.9-oz. 27/46/27 cotton/polyester/rayon.
The fast-absorbing, quick-drying fabric is comfortable to wear.
Material ensures minimal snagging and provides added durability for long-lasting use.

Color: Charcoal with red a white imprint on the front and back
Sizes: Small – 3X

Cost: $20           Order Today!

Deadline to order: Friday, September 8th.
Shirts will be available on September 27th for pick up at NDSCS, Wahpeton. If you select for your shirt to be shipped, it will be mailed by September 29th.


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