Electrical Technology Instructors

NDSCS is celebrating 95 years of the Electrical Technology program.  The Electrical Technology Department has remained strong over the span of years with the expertise of 51 instructors. See the list of factulty and the years they taught at NDSCS below.  Please join us for the Electrical Technology 95 Year Anniversary and attend the All-Class Reunion during the 2018  Homecoming. See the full list of activities and information on how to register.

Electrical Technology FacultyYears Taught at NDSSS/ NDSCSYear Ended at NDSCS
Ben Barnard19231959
Karl Larson19241947
Ed Karst19241926
Charles Sturdevant19251926
E. A. Magnuson19271928
Thore Hawk19281930
D.V. Edling19301932
Ed Johnson19381939
Leslie Baumer19451946
Joe Vetter19451946
Charles Brockmeyer19461954
Clarence Hoefs19461960
Merton Jacobson19461968
Donald Foss19461948
James Wright19461950
Walter Kurth19481949
Harvey Bisek19491950
Norman Ekblad19491952
Boyd Will19491951
Harvey Bisek19521954
Emil Peterson19531956
Virgil Matheson19541967
Verlin Lungren19541983
Marlo Hinsverk19571986
Gordon Kersen19591960
Clifford Anderson19611963
Chester Smuhl19611966
Herman Hareland19631966
Ken Anderson19641986
Bernie Anderson19652000
Stanley Grant19661967
Dan Giddings19671970
Walter Wellen19671969
Francis Rice19681969
Charles Henry19692003
Ken Kjar19701991
Dean Wenker19712001
James Limmer19731978
Don Kruckenberg19752005
Dennis Bader19781984
Bill Deibert19791989
Tim Pull19842015
Ron Knudtson19972009
Jerry Brackin19992013
Shane Suko20052016
Ivan Mass1985Current
Kara Gruenberg1993Current
Slade Fitzgerald2002Current
Mark Eback2004Current
John Travis2006Current
Leanne Jaenisch2014Current
Lonnie Wurst2014Current


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