95 Year NDSCS Electrical Technology Reunion

NDSCS Electrical Technology 95th Yr Celebration

​Thank you to all who returned to NDSCS to take part in the 95th Year Electrical Technology Reunion - Celebrating 95 years | 1923-2018.

A special thanks to our Alumni Panel participants: Ron Anderson (1961) Owner, A & K Process Machinery; Marlin Linder (1980) - VP Mountain Division, Encore Electric, Inc.; Marshal Albright (1985) President / CEO - Cass County Electric; Joel Krause (1988) Owner - Crossroads Electric; Bill Gavin (2004) Design / Estimator - Parsons Electric.


We are sharing the link of the Alumni Panel discussion that took place on morning of Sept. 28 with our current electrical students. Electrical Panel Discussion with NDSCS Students

A special newsletter was also produced for the 95th Year Celebration: Wired for Success​

Enjoy photos of Electrical Panel, Open House, Breakfast with Instructors, Parade and Picnic at the Hughes Shelter in Chahinkapa Park. 

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