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Otter Tail Lakes Area Meet-n-Greet

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Executive Committee Meeting

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NDSCS FM Redhawks Meet-n-Greet

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Alumni/Foundation Board Meeting

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NDSCS Opening Weekend

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NDSCS Alumni/Foundation to host South Dakota Summer Social Event

The NDSCS Alumni/Foundation will reminisce and reconnect with South Dakota alumni and friends on Saturday, June 17. Full Story >>

NDSCS Alumni/Foundation to host Heritage and History Evening Social

The NDSCS Alumni/Foundation will host a social event on the North Dakota State Capitol grounds on Thursday, June 15. Full Story >>

Dreams Auction set for April 7th at NDSCS

Auction items include vacations, Vikings tickets, plane and train rides. Full Story >>

Giving Hearts Day 2017

2017 Giving Hearts Day donations raise $17,745 for NDSCS Nursing Department Full Story >>

InForum: Worner family of Wahpeton honored for contributions to NDSCS

NDSCS honored the Clifford and Pauline Worner family last year when it bestowed its "Family Tradition" award on them. Full Story >>

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