Entrepreneur Center

Recently, there has been a change of direction and a renewed focus on repurposing Satterlee, Babcock and McMahon residential halls on the NDSCS Wahpeton campus. We are pleased to announce that NDSCS will be establishing an Entrepreneur Center that will begin leasing space in these residential halls to current businesses and business startups.

  • There will be no remodeling and the space will be leased as is.
  • Businesses requiring space adjustments will be responsible for remodeling costs incurred to meet their specific needs.
  • A partnership between NDSCS and the Alumni Foundation is being explored since having non-profit status will qualify the Entrepreneur Center for state aid and other grant opportunities.
  • Access to on-campus services.
  • On-going discussions to add value and collaboration between NDSCS faculty, students and tenants.

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