Alumni/Foundation Board

The Alumni/Foundation Board is a group of volunteers consisting of 18-24 members. The Board is also comprised of the: President of NDSCS, Treasurer of NDSCS, Two Ex Officio's from the College, Director of the Alumni/Foundation and the Donor Development Manager who serves as Secretary. Each board member may serve up to 3 three-year terms.

The Full Board meets quarterly, the Executive Board meets monthly and sub-committees as needed.

>> Meeting Dates
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NDSCS Alumni Foundation Board of Directors and Staff
​Front Row: Roger Richels, Hugh Veit, Mike Neppl, Linda Hopkins, Kelly Hubrig, Annette Loken, Jeff Hilgeman, Mike Worner, Bob Gette, Josh Dozak
Middle Row: Kim Nelson, Michelle Nelson, Terry Goerger, Barb Uhlich, Margaret Wall, Melissa Wynn, Denise Miller, Trudy Tischer, Harvey Link, Roger Haberman, Dr. Richman
Back Row: Chris Johnson, Tim Neumann, Joe Oliver, Joel Kaczynski, Thomas Dryburgh, Art Grochow
Not Pictured: Chad Fredericksen, Eric, Issendorf, James Kapitan, Justin Neppl

2018-2019 Alumni/Foundation Board Members

Kim Nelson*Wahpeton, ND Foundation Executive Director
Robert GetteWahpeton, NDFoundation President
Margaret WallWahpeton, NDFoundation Vice President
Josh DozakWahpeton, ND
Thomas DryburghWahpeton, NDCatbacker/Letterwinner Representative
Art GrochowWahpeton, ND
Jeff HilgemannNevis, MN
Linda HopkinsBreckenridge, MN
Kelly HubrigHankinson, ND
Chris JohnsonGreat Bend, ND
Joel KaczynskiLidgerwood, ND
James KapitanFargo, ND
Megan KummerColfax, ND
Jeff LeinenGreat Bend, ND
Harvey Link*Wahpeton, NDCampus Representative
Annette LokenWahpeton, ND
Andrew MauchMooreton, ND
Michelle Nelson*Wahpeton, NDFND Treasurer/Secretary
Justin NepplBreckenridge, MN
Michael NepplFargo, ND
Tim Neumann*Wahpeton, NDFoundation Staff/Recorder
Joe OliverChaska, MN
Roger RichelsWahpeton, ND
Dr. John Richman*Wahpeton, NDNDSCS President
Trudy TischerWahpeton, ND
Hugh VeitFargo, ND
Mike WornerFargo, ND
*Denotes Ex Officio

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